Online trading scams: we have many customers whose money we have managed to recover and who trust us.

To protect privacy, sensitive data such as full names and photographs have been deliberately blacked out or omitted

When one is driven to turn to these kinds of professionals, one never does so willingly. Victor successfully completed the operation and won my trust. Professionalism and humanity in all aspects! Thank you.

F.A. IT (Private)

The world of trading is a real jungle and it caused me to lose a fair amount of capital...Victor is a true professional in this field and allowed me to recover part of what I had lost fraudulently. Thank you Victor! ... get on with it ... and we'll get the rest back!

A.B. IT (Private)

Thanks to Mr Victor who helped us recover $380,000 after a fraud by a BINARY company in the UK. Thank you Victor.

California U.S.A. (Director)

Mr Victor solved what for many was unsolvable. After much time wasted trying to withdraw the 15,000 euro paid into a London-based online trading company that turned out to be fictitious, I turned to Victor and got all my money back. Thanks to Victor, the Good Bear, as I now call him. 

P.D. IT (Company)

I lost my money in an online trading company, about 230,000 euro. Thanks to Mr Victor's help, I recovered the whole sum!

D.C. IT (Manager)

Thanks to Victor I was able to recover my money, around 20,000 euro from an Offshore shell company.

Silvio S. EN (Farmer)

I had been swindled by trading companies and I thought I had lost everything but Victor's intervention  managed to recover the lost money in a short time. I will never cease to thank Mr Victor for his professionalism and the help he gave me.

V.T. IT (Private)

I met Victor while organising an important event and he told me about his business and his debt collection work. My company was having problems with a customer who had not honoured invoices for over two years despite many reminders; one morning, it was perhaps 6.00 a.m., I sent Victor a request for help and at 10.30 a.m. the transfer was done! Thank you!

P.C. IT (Company)

Few words, concrete facts, thanks to Victor I am regaining much of what seemed irretrievably lost. So far he has managed to recover 200,000 euro for me. Bravo Victor

M.O. IT (Private)


The truth is that many people no longer trust online trading or even debt collection companies or lawyers, because they have found themselves paying a lot of money without getting the desired results.
This is another reason why the ORSO company stands out from the crowd.

We work hard to return capital to its rightful owners and our remuneration, which is our real source of income, is commissions on the results achieved.
Victor Rafael

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