ATTENTION... ATTENTION... pay attention to false advertisements for buying AMAZON.COM shares. They are all false and/or attempts to scam. AMAZON never contacts anyone and never advertises to sell its shares. - ATTENTION this company is fake LEGAL WORLD SERVIE



If you have been scammed, contact us,
because we were able to trace the real data of the scammers

Our Team

The ORSO s.r.l team has a direct interest in the success of your recovery, as guaranteed by the fact that it lives off the percentage on the operation’s success. Therefore, our firm acts with acumen, determination and speed.


We work with several law offices in Italy and abroad .
In addition, if you wish, you can point us to a professional you trust and it will be our pleasure to work with your lawyer of choice.

Litigation and Recoveries

In addition to online trading issues, across the globe, we follow debt collection litigation in all countries of the world.

Rely on us and our high quality and experience

We are a company established after extensive market research aimed at analysing the scams perpetrated by some online trading companies. We have found that these actors often turn out to be phony companies linked to each other and it becomes quite complicated to understand who to contact in order to get one's money back. Our specialisation lies precisely in this knowledge and a strong inclination towards negotiation, qualities that allow us to boast a unique success rate.

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