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Another site for online scams

Trail of scams perpetrated on behalf of a London company already in liquidation since 2021, it is LEGAL WORLD SERVICE.
The scammers have created an ad hoc site using the name of a company in liquidation, copied photographs of people who have nothing to do with them from other web pages, inventing their names and also copying careers from other sites of really existing groups. A dangerous fruit salad in which the only real thing is the WhatsApp number at the top which is used to be contacted without being traceable. It is, as usual, an answering machine that stores the caller's telephone which, from that moment on, will be stolkerized by the scammers.
What is all the theater for? The scammers contact the people they defrauded, say they are lawyers of LEGAL WORLD SERVICE, say they have received information on a crypto account or similar, in the name of the victim, and ask for money to unblock the account and/or for various legal expenses .
REMEMBER: serious companies use traceable phone numbers and not WhatsApp

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