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Beware of the new 2022 fraud system

Dear customers, we have received many fraud complaints and they all use the same system, through social media with a young girl and a pretty face.


Lately they all come from Asia (China, Hong Kong or other countries). Beware, they are all fakes, they use Italian phone numbers but they come from Hong Kong, Canada and the US.


Be very careful, keep your eyes wide open.


Beware that Blockchain, Coinbase or Binance never call on the phone, their communication is only via email.


Be careful, there are no BLOCKCHAIN_ ITALI or Blockchain@legalmail.it email addresses, these are all bogus.
All the documents they SEND are fake across the board.


The money they offer you at the beginning is not real money, it only serves to get you into their business/scam and then when you start paying into the account after a while it disappears and you will no longer see it


Also, be very careful because if they ask you for money to pay taxes it is not true, there are no taxes to pay, and if they ask you for it by sending you documents, those are bogus too.


Taxes are only paid if you had profits from your transactions and you pay them once the money has arrived in your bank account with your tax return for the following year.

Helen Garcia
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